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Gift Idea for my newly toothless Grandma?

My grandmother is going through a whole lot of dental surgery this year (she basically lost all her teeth due to being rural and malnourished when she was a kid and has been in dentures her whole life, but now she’s getting implants and the process is slow based on her history and the state of her jaw/gums and she cannot wear dentures for several months). She loves to cook and is incredible at it, and I’m thinking of getting her a cookbook of soft food. However, two hesitations:

  1. I know she’s self conscious about the whole thing, so I’m worried that I’m “reminding” her of it? Like, is this insensitive?
  2. If she’s already an incredible cook, is this redundant? Like, I know that she’s living off of soup and yogurt and not really cooking much, but I can’t decide if it’s because she’s out of ideas or just doesn’t give a fuck.

Worth noting that my grandmother is so sweet I’ll likely never know how she perceives the gift. Also, I realize only I know her personality. I just didn’t know if anyone had some experience in this direction.

Also worth noting she is otherwise in very good shape and spends her days volunteering with “old people” (since she doesn’t consider herself one), gardening, and babysitting her great niece and nephews, so she’s not like, knocked on her ass or anything.

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