Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So my friend got shot during Mardi Gras (infuriatingly in what they think was an accidental gun discharge from a PORTA POTTY and they haven’t caught the person). He just had surgery yesterday to get the bullet removed. It looks like he will re-gain the use of his leg with a bunch of physical therapy but he is pretty much wheelchair bound for the foreseeable future. I don’t have any personal experience here so I am asking you guys if you have any thoughts.

I was thinking about getting him some art supplies (maybe with a lap desk type thing?) because he is a spare-time-artist and will be on leave from work, a grabber thingy, and frankly I’d like to get a chain and chain him to the wheelchair because he is exactly the type of person who will blow off his physical therapy once he feels like he can walk. He’s also really athletic and was joking that if he’s stuck in a wheel chair he wants to get mega buff, so I was thinking about getting him some workout stuff also, but I don’t know what he already has so I might wait until I get a minute with his girlfriend (I don’t really know her, she’s brand new).


He is an architect (and like half the people we know are) and some of our friends have already gone to his house and done some ramp work and installed grab bars around, and before his surgery we’d talked about converting his guest bathroom shower to a roll-in but that is not on the schedule yet.

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