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Gift ideas plz?

Like I mentioned in 2 other posts, I ordered THE PERFECT birthday gift for my boyfriend back in January from overseas. It was a vinyl record clock like this but of a band he likes. Anyway, it never came ,and I was able to get a refund, so that story is over. But now I have to figure out a new gift to get for my boyfriend (even though his birthday was in February, lolz...). I don't want to order another clock because most of them on Etsy are made by sellers who are overseas, and I don't really want to deal with the wait time and potential loss of the package right now. But I'm SO STUMPED as to what I should get him!

Usually, when I get him a gift, it's either a vinyl album that he likes or something craft-beer related, but I think I've belabored those enough.


I was kind of thinking of getting him a cologne maybe just because, don't laugh LOL, but still uses Axe. He's just clueless about stuff like this, and he gets like these full packages of Axe products as gifts from his grandparents sometimes. I mean, it doesn't bother me much because he doesn't spray it all the time. But I think it would be nice to get an adult cologne to have for a while. I smelled this one YSL cologne a few months ago and was like aksjdflaksdfjlasOMG, this is UHHHMAZING. However, the problem is that my boyfriend is so not into designer brands and stuff, and I don't want this to be a lame gift or for him to like, take offense to it? So would it be weird to get him that? Or is cologne just a boring gift in general? Or is it weird for me to decide what smell he should be wearing? My mom buys my dad cologne, so I don't know...


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