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WARNING: Totally privileged first world problems whining ahead: I'm feeling kinda left out of the whole holiday gifting season madness .

My family only does cash gifts and has more or less been doing cash gifts since I was in middle school or something. So, the few presents I've gotten have been of the "oh, you're gonna give me $X, can you just buy me Y( cost(Y)<=$X) instead? So I'm perfectly aware that I'm being unreasonable here 'cause a)my family is absurdly generous b)I'm very picky and kinda dislike most things other people pick out for me anyway. My friends don't really do gifts either, and yes, I could've done the gift exchange, but I'm way too disorganized to have my act together for something like that.


So instead, I'm feeling kinda blue and I dunno how to get over it. I'd usually just go and buy myself a gift, but there's nothing I really want or need and my mom's already calling me a hoarder in training 'cause of my unwillingness to get rid of stuff. Charity doesn't do the trick either 'cause it's filed in a different place in my head.

And, in apology for the whining, my cat getting caught hanging out in the laundry (we do laundry for 3 adults every 5 weeks, so loads of clothes):

Eeyore Source: zdrer456@deviantart

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