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Gift Swap Gift Arrival

you know, this gift swap thing is ready quite unfair to the rest of you. Our lovely coordinators obviously go "let's give HappyBerry the best partner." I mean all your partners are great, I've seen the gifts. But mine is the best.

VivaciousVicious sent me two mystery novels for some winter reading, a basic nail art set, perfect for me to begin try new things and two bottles of nail polish. And though this picture doesn't do it justice, the carrying case for the polish is super glittery. And the nail polish is a bottle of bright pink and a bottle of glitter. If you were to ask me what two of my favorite things are, I'd have to say "pink and glitter", so these were perfect!


The packing job was awesome, scraps of all different kinds of wrapping paper. My cats are pretty sure this was an awesome bonus gift just for them!

I declare my package "hella dope!" (Did I use that right VV?)

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