Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Hello! I got my gift swap package today! Thank you MaryTylerGore! I mentioned I liked stuff from other states, and she delivered. MTG left a note in the package about Eskimo Joe’s, the source of the cups, spices, stickers, and postcard. I learned it is a local fixture with a global following, maybe like the Mystery Spot, Wall Drug, or Ghirardelli. Also, Joe’s Crab Shack appears to have ripped off their slogan :( But anyway, MTG writes that folks collect the cups, and they are fun!

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Also, MTG has guessed my taste in dudes, obviously pictured on the Beer, Beards, and Cats mug :) Really the only thing my dude doesn’t have is the anchor tat, and we could get a temporary for him!

Finally, MaryTylerGore made two coasters so I have somewhere to put all my cups! And there’s a cute monkey keychain too! All in all, I’m looking forward to using all of these. And I will put some more pictures in the comments below. Thanks MaryTylerGore for brightening my January!

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