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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Gifts for a 5 year old boy - help!

I am so bad at being an Aunt. At least this year we are actually REMEMBERING the poor kid's birthday. But I feel like it is really hard to buy gifts for kids because I am never around kids. His mom says he likes cars and trucks, he's interested in tools and camping, and of course he loves the requisite Disney movies like Monsters Inc. and Cars.

I'll find something that seems good on Amazon (which I would prefer to use so I can ship it directly to them on the opposite coast), but then the reviews will say the thing is shoddy or that it had some issue and I do not want to fill my SiL's house with a bunch of junky toys, you know? Plus his sister is under 3 and I don't want to send them some toy with tiny parts she might choke on.


Any suggestions?

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