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Kitchenette's article reminded me of something that I blocked out of my mind but it's real. It's the world's biggest Gummi Bear, because you know, the market really needed a 5 pound gummi bear. And my question is has anyone ever tried them? I can only imagine that they'd either be large, gelatinous and sticky, like a sugary jelly fish or to be even more honest, a spooge covered lollipop or they'd be hard as a fucking diamond, where you would lick it in vain and it'd sit in your livingroom, gathering cat hair until you threw it away.


There are several varieties of giant gummi bears. Not only the one listed above but the huge giant party gummy from vat19 and featured in this video below:

Kick ass. No. I bet his hands are stickier than a day at the carnival. Or at the orgy? (trollface)

I do not want. But i would like to try. Are there other gifts on the do not want list?

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