A package came in a couple of days before Christmas, but my Asshole Brother left me with a sickness. Pretty much all I was capable of doing was drinking tea and mainlining Adventure Time with my equally sick sister.

(Incidentally, it might have been the cough syrup forming this opinion, but that is a fantastic show.)

I wore that skirt to a party last week. It's super pretty, and definatly looked like Goth party frock.

What you can barely see are these little stars.


Both are by Tripp NYC. So you know, Yankee Goth fashion. What passes for adult gothing around here is pretty much surplus of black turtlenecks and the occasional embarrassed trip to Spencer's.


The last is from Torrid, and its super purdy. It has dangle down thingies and ruffles. Normally I distrust both* but here they combine to make me feel like a mermaid from the 1920s.

Also included was a bag of candy. I would have gotten photos of it but again me and my sister were sick and wanted comfort, it was consumed pretty quickly. Also this adorbz card:


*Dangle down things are a slippery slope to fringes and I have always hated fringes. Ruffles tend to make me look like a tooth fairy.