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All sane and decent human adults understand that talking through a gig is not ok. Talking to the people you are with is fine but not holding a full shouted conversation through entire songs.

I was at an amazing gig tonight, a band from my youth called Idlewild and we were sitting in the back row of seats with a row of standing behind us. These two guys leant on the barrier and talked loudly through three or 4 songs until I eventually turned around and said something I thought was quite polite really (my brother clarified he thought it was polite for me) "I'm sorry but do you mind, you're being really loud". Then after I'd turned back I heard the loud one say in what I can only assume is a voice he thought was quiet "is she joking?" so I turned back around and said "no, I'm not joking we can hear everything you're saying over the songs". Dudes stepped back from us when they wanted to talk after that.

I just can't understand going to a gig and talking through the songs.

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