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Gilmore Girls - I'm in the final stretch

Plus, Twin Cities GTers, I am in your area, let's hang out!!!!!!!

Okay, but back to Gilmore Girls. This is not all in chronological order because I forgot stuff from earlier in the season and then remembered it now and I just have SO MANY thoughts about Gilmore Girls. I only have like three episodes left, so I don't know if I'll be doing another one of these, so if this is the last one, thanks for humoring my rambling thoughts about a nearly 10-year-old show! You guys are the best!

1. How satisfying was it when Rory got rejected from that fellowship? Maybe I'm just a terrible person, but I was practically cackling with glee. Girl, I know you got into every Ivy League school and everyone you've ever met has treated you like the most special snowflake to ever exist (minus Mitchum Huntzberger, and that freaked you out so much, you DROPPED OUT OF YALE), but not getting the ONE fellowship you really wanted, when you've already gotten job offers from other newspapers and will probably get more from other newspapers, is not the worst thing in the world. In fact, it'll probably be good for you. Builds character. You should probably be grateful to even have job offers, given that you want to go into fucking print journalism.


I wrote a weird list in my notes app on my iphone about things I wanted to remember to say about Gilmore Girls, so I am going to write down that weird list, because I think it's hilarious, and then try to elaborate on it.

DWI - how fucking obnoxious was it when Emily gets pulled over for talking on the phone/not being sober while driving, and she acts like the most entitled rich white person ever? When she was all like "officer, don't you have someone to arrest for robbing a convenience store?" I was practically yelling at the screen. You're actually being more of a menace to society right there, Emily! You can kill people by driving recklessly. Okay, she probably wasn't being that much of a menace, but how entitled do you have to be to think laws don't apply to you?

Krysten Ritter (I had to check that I spelled her name right, and I totally did! Whoo, go me!) I hated the plotline where Krysten Ritter was mad at Rory for lying about knowing Marty (which was totally weird and creepy and she had every right to not be super into being friends with Rory after that) and EVERYONE was like, oh my god, how dare she be mad at Rory? Does she not know that Rory is the most magical wonderful friend you will ever have? I love Paris, but when she confronted Krysten Ritter in the cafeteria for not wanting to talk to Rory right away, I was like, Paris you are better than this. Do not buy into the Rory Gilmore bullshit.

Drunk kayak/canoe when they're having that drunk conversation about being a canoe vs. a kayak and Emily is telling Lorelai how much she admires her for being independent and then the next morning Lorelai thinks they're still being nice to each other and Emily's like "guess I have to cancel your wedding party since you can't hold down a man." Goddammit, Emily, this is why you can't have a nice relationship with your daughter.


Jess writing Luke's letter? How did nobody think to ask Jess to write a letter on Luke's behalf for his custody case. Lorelai's letter was sweet and all, but Luke pretty much raised Jess, who turned out to be a successful human being AND A GODDAMN WRITER. I know they needed to manufacture some drama to break up Christopher and Lorelai, but this seems like a pretty big oversight.

Paris and Doyle (lactaid) They're just adorable, and they had an adorable conversation about whether he's lactose-intolerant that is pretty much a conversation I've had with the Constable and I love them.


April (mini-Rory) Have you ever noticed that April's defining traits are all just like, "she's smart!" "she likes to read books that are kind of advanced for her age!" Dudes, are you just incapable of writing a teenage girl that is not Rory? Not everyone in Stars Hollow who accidentally has a child has to have that child be a genius. It's okay for people to not read Chaucer at 12 years old!

MOAR LANE This one is self-explanatory.

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