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Gilmore Girls Ranked

I've heard so much about the Gilmore Girls and how great it is that I had to watch it when it came out on Netflix starting October 1. Last night, I finally finished binge watching all seven seasons. The following characters are ranked in the order of their prickliness. (Slight spoilers below.)

1) Emily Gilmore—Emily is Loralei Gilmore's mother. She either runs hot (actually warmish) or cold. Any little thing will set her off and she will be mad for weeks. My favorite episode with her was when Richard's mother died and Emily was lying around the house in a housecoat, chain smoking cigarettes, and drinking cocktails.


2) Loralei Gilmore—Loralei gets angry at someone during every episode. If she's not angry at her mother, she's angry at one of her boyfriends or at someone else for "taking advantage of her." I can't figure out if I should admire her for not letting people take advantage of her or be annoyed that she never lets shit roll off her back. Perhaps I would feel differently about Loralei if I had watched the show only once a week over a period of 7 years instead of all in one month. Loralei seems like a fun person to be around, but if you dare cross her, wham, you are on her shit list and just like that, she acts just like her mother and won't talk to you for the foreseeable future.

3) Paris Geller—Paris, Rory's roommate is always mad about something. By the end of the series, though, I found her quite likable. She is very driven and ambitious.

4) Richard Gilmore—father to Loralei and wife to Emily Gilmore. Richard really only got angry when he saw that Loralei was making Emily angry and he wanted to fix it. His character mostly mellowed out by the end. He was particularly funny during the episode when Trix, his mother, died. (Marion Ross was a hoot playing Trix and the niece, Marilyn!)

5) Taylor Doose—The town elder. Was he ever pleasant about anything? Did everything that happened in that town require a permit?


6) Rory Gilmore—Daughter to Loralei. Rory actually is much more pleasant and well-balanced than her mother Loralei.

7) Luke Danes—diner owner and on again/off again love interest to Loralei. Luke was normally only slightly grumpy, but when he got together with Loralei, little things would make him really angry and set him off. Perhaps this was to create conflict in his and Loralei's relationship?


8) Sookie—Loralei Gilmore's best friend and chef for the inn, is a saint for putting up with said best friend and husband who acts like a child. Sookie was always baking food and taking it to Loralei's house. Saint. Loralei treated her like shit most of the time and Sookie always forgave her. Sookie was always talking Loralei down off the edge. Saint Sookie.

9) Lane Kim—Rory's best friend. The show needed far more Lane! I have so many questions about Lane. I wish Lane so much love and rock-n-roll and music in her life.


10 and 11) Babette and Miss Patty—Babette was neighbor to Loralei and Miss Patty was the town's dance teacher. Lovely ladies.

These are just my impressions from watching 2-3 shows a night, so my impressions are probably skewed. I would probably feel differently than if I had watched only one show once a week spaced out over seven years. I have to say, though, by the end of the series, Loralei really got on my nerves the way she seemed to lose her temper over little things all the time and then seemed to hold that anger against that person for a very long time. But then I wondered if maybe I let people get away with too much with me sometimes and let people walk all over me? But I really can't go around being mad at people all the time the way that Loralei does. It's not healthy for me.


So, what did you like about the series? Did you binge watch it or did you watch it while it was on? Did you have the same impressions that I had or are yours completely different?

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