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Gilmore Girls rewatch: the observations continue!

So I guess I'm making this a semi-regular thing. I just have so many feelings as I'm rewatching! Where I'm at: season 6, right around where Logan and Rory break up (again!) and make up (again!) in the same episode because Rory talks to Honor's bridesmaids and finds out he's slept with them when they were broken up/not broken up.

1. April: I still hate the April plot point SOOOOOOOOO much. It was so lazy. I don't have anything against Luke having a secret daughter, in theory, and I don't even mind April herself. It's just such obviously lazy writing. Like you can see everyone in the writer's room going "hmmm, we've gotten Luke and Lorelai together and they seem to have worked through all of their issues, but we have at least one more season to fill and we can't have them together for it, so we need something to keep them apart!" Plus none of the character's actions make any sense. I don't believe for a second that Luke would have kept April a secret from Lorelai for so long, and been so weird about even TALKING to her about how they wanted to handle the whole situation. Sure, the guy's not much of a talker, but he's not an idiot, and he never would have actually treated Lorelai like that.


2. I never noticed how many single parents there are on this show. Lorelai, Mrs. Kim, Christopher, Luke's baby mama.

3. I didn't remember Lane's proposal very well, and I'm not a fan. I know it's just TV, but I hate the stupid trope of proposals when YOU'RE NOT EVEN TOGETHER. That's not romantic, that's stupid.


4. Still not a fan of Logan. I don't hate him as much as I first did. He's a fine boyfriend, mostly. But he's just kind of spoiled and immature and I feel like he would be really unpleasant to be around. Plus Rory's super annoying when she's with him. I don't think he really "cheated" on Rory, though. I mean, he absolutely messed up by not telling her they were broken up. But the "cheating" is an extension of that offense, not an offense in its own right. He was a total idiot for not realizing that you have to TELL somebody that you're broken up, but he really did believe they were broken up.

5. I did not realize before this rewatch how big Alexis Bledel's butt is. That's not really a compliment or a criticism, but just an observation. She's all delicate and tiny from the waist up, like a little doll. But then when she stands up, or walks away, there is a noticeable BADONKADONK. It's kind of disorienting.

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