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Gilmore Girls Rewatch: The Observations Continue

Alternative title: hot damn, I did not want to work on that paper I had due today. It's done, thank god, and so is my semester basically. But I feel pretty crappy about my paper. Like, really really crappy. Wishing my Professor didn't have to read it because I'm so embarrassed by it. So I will continue binge watching Gilmore Girls to take my mind off of it!

For context, I just finished season 6.

1. Despite mentioning that I didn't like either the Luke/Lorelai plotline or the Logan/Rory stuff much, they both had some nice moments in the finale. I liked Lorelai exploding at Luke. I liked the way she said, "If it's between the purple wallpaper and you, I pick you!" I mean, it was probably 90% Lauren Graham being a good actress, but I thought it was a nicely emotional moment. And Rory being sad about Logan leaving highlighted that Alexis Bledel actually learned to act a bit from the beginning of the series.


2. Why the fuck is Logan paying Rory's rent for an entire year? She has wealthy grandparents AND a wealthy parent who are willing to pay for everything, but she also needs her wealthy boyfriend to pay for her apartment? Girl is *spoiled*

3. What do people think of Anna Nardini? Putting aside my feelings for the existence of the April plotline, which is objectively the worst, I think Anna Nardini is a pretty massive bitch. She acts like she's doing Luke this MASSIVE favor letting him be part of April's life. Like, "well, you just entered her life, so I can't trust you, and you have to do everything on my terms." Uh, lady, he just entered her life because YOU DIDN'T TELL HIM HE HAD A CHILD FOR 12 YEARS. And look, there are probably situations where that's the right thing to do. Like if he's abusive or something. I don't know, I'm sure we can think of scenarios. But "he just isn't a kid person" is not a sufficient excuse to not tell him that he has fathered a child. I'm on the fence about her getting mad that Lorelai was at April's birthday party. Being a single parent is hard. I get being protective. Luke should have talked to Anna about when April could meet Lorelai. But I also think she massively overreacted. And that conversation where she was like "I wouldn't let April meet anyone unless we were going to get married" and Lorelai was like "well, we're engaged" and she's like "engaged isn't married." Bitch, way to be super condescending about somebody else's relationship. PLUS, your stance of not letting April meet a man unless you're going to marry him was just fine until you suddenly reveal this ridiculous viewpoint. Because if being engaged does not count as "going to marry someone," when exactly are you going to introduce April to your future husband? During the ceremony? At the reception?


4. For people who have never exercised, Rory and Lorelaie have awfully nice workout clothes (I started watching season 7 while writing this - them "playing racquetball" was pretty cute).

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