Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Lane Kim deserved a better ending, one in which she realized her dream of moving to New York and being a musician. She deserved to have purple hair and lots of amazing rock star sex and gorge herself on the wide world that she was denied by her mother.


Lane Kim was a faithful friend to Rory. Even though she engaged in certain (relatively harmless) deceptions as a teenager, she loved and respected her mother. She was brave and strong and confident in herself, despite having to develop her identity in stifling circumstances, and she eventually took very difficult steps to take control of her own life.

Lane deserved so much more than to get knocked up with twins the first time she has sex after marrying her first real boyfriend and forced to settle in the tiny town where she grew up. I just cannot get over what an injustice Lane's ending was. Let's pretend it never happened and write some alternative endings for Lane in the comments.

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