And I'm not sure I want that commitment right now. This is weird and horrible. I thought I wanted a boyfriend. I thought I wanted to be in a relationship. That's why I joined OK Cupid and went on dates and everything. Now that it's a reality, I'm scared shitless.

We've only been going out a month! It's too soon. He even talked about it being our one month anniversary. This was me when he said that:

He's really great and really nice. But it's too soon. This is moving too fast. He caught me off guard at dinner and I said yes. Now I have to take it back and I feel like the shittiest person ever. I'm going to call him after work today and tell him that I need to slow down. I'm just not ready.


Why didn't I know this before? Am I feeling this way just because it's too soon or am I feeling this way because deep down I know I don't want a relationship with him? Of course only I know that. I need to slow this down though. Slow it waaaay down. I know I'm not ready, that I know.

Have you guys ever freaked out when a guy got all Commitment Minded on you? Was it because it just wasn't right? Were you just not in the right headspace? Did you just need more time?