Against all odds, OK Cupid is working out really well. I met a nice fella who I've been calling Ginger Beard because he has a red beard (v. creative). As this is my first time actually dating (I'm 28 y'all, better late than never), I'm learning a lot about myself & what I like. *Gushing about cute boy ahead*

Ginger Beard has been wonderful. I've been on dates with 3 other guys and while they have been pretty nice people, Beardo is the only one who has, so far, truly embraced my nerdy self. He's not perfect, but I'm discovering that that is ok. The little things that normally bother me aren't bothering me as much as I thought they would and the things I didn't expect to happen are happening.

When we were chatting away having dinner, he brought up getting STD tests. He is literally the first guy who has brought testing up with me. He even followed through and shared his results with me. I love that so much. He's being an adult, he's being safe and responsible. It's awesome. I got my lab appointment over with a few days ago so hopefully mine will be in soon. I should be ok since I had a years-long dry spell as far as sex/kissing/touching dudes goes. But I'm still weirdly worried that I have some dormant STD that hasn't presented itself ever.

ETA: This is the STD testing service he and I used - STD Test Express. These are the things they test for: Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, HIV Antibody, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Herpes 1, Herpes 2, Syphilis. I went to a local lab without an appointment, it was $40 with my insurance, very quick and easy.

He loves to plan things for us to do and he's always on time which is a big deal for me. I can't stand habitually late people. He took me to Santa Barbara for the day and had researched the times for winery tours and got us a reservation at a popular restaurant so we didn't have to worry about waiting. He's an actual responsible adult. Who knew they existed?


Ginger Beard is super open to being accommodating to my needs and I'm happy to be accommodating to his. I've learned that a good man will not balk at compromise. I've learned that it's ok to speak up for myself. Normally I'm very closed off. But I feel totally comfortable telling him stuff because he doesn't freak out. He's very easy going. He's also an atheist like me! So he won't try to convert me.

So far, it's been lovely with him. There haven't been any big red flags. There have been some minor interesting but not bad things. He isn't very sexually experienced. This is actually a plus for me because he's been very open to learning and I'm happy to teach. *wink wink, nudge nudge*

Oh and he played the piano that he has in his apartment for me. He told me that he played piano and I mentioned in passing that I loved the theme from Spirited Away. He played it for me. This was pretty much my face:


I totally jumped his bones afterward. I had no idea that piano playing was foreplay but...yea, it is for me.

I'm curious about how this will go, moving forward. But I'm optimistic. So far, two thumbs up Ginger Beard.


OK Cupid, you're not too shabby as far as Los Angeles goes. I would recommend it to anyone in my area. There are tons of people on it here so you can be super picky (as I was) and still find someone.