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Ginger Joe Clark!

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(Him, but Gingery)

I've found myself long term subbing for the ginger Joe Clark. For $85 a day, I'm expected to: teach 4 classes, teach an enrichment class with separate prep, analyze test data, go to "voluntary meetings" 2x a week so I only have 3 preps a week, go to open house/parent meetings/development days, grade a shit ton of district assessments, and do everything else he wants.


Which, fine. I have a date I'm leaving and, though he bullies everyone else, writes SCATHING reviews for tiny things (because let's face it, teachers know when each others do and do not suck and he's just pick), and the conditions are bad (seriously, any GTers have copy paper to donate? I'm burning through my secret stash), I can get through this.

But today, he dropped a hint that he may want to extend my date! I can't do that. I told him I need to do hours for a class, but he seemed to think it was for a year so my answer "But those are my preps" didn't seem to work and may have made him mad (he holds grudges).


Should I ignore it? Or should I go in and in a roundabout way, let him know that my hours are due before Thanksgiving?


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