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girl friend problems

Hey yo's. I'm having a weird problem with this woman I met a while ago. When I first met her I was pretty drunk and I thought she was hilarious and awesome. It didn't occur to me that she came on really strong. Like, she acted possessive of me and would literally drag me by the arm away from someone I was talking to so we could go talk alone. About nothing. I am incredibly passive when it comes to that kind of behavior in women, but if a guy did that to me I'd lose my shit. It's partly because I work with mostly men and I didn't make many of my own friends when I moved here, I just hang out with my boyfriend and his friends, who are mostly dudes. Like I'm friends with their wives and girlfriends but they already have their own friends, lol. So I'm always stoked when it looks like I might have a new "girl friend". But this person is so overbearing. She touches me a lot and grabs my hand to make me touch her, too (Like, "Feel how big my leg muscles are!"). It really struck me how put off I was by her behavior when we would be texting and everything I said she would turn into a sexual thing, complete with ;). She also talks a lot about being a feminist but she also says things like "bitches be crazy" and hates on women a lot. So I spent the last several months distancing myself from her, but now she FB messaged me about a get together tonight that I TOTALLY WANTED TO GO TO but she wants to know if I'll be there because she would love to see me. I'm thinking about giving her another chance because maybe my memory is flawed and I'm judging her too harshly. I asked my boyfriend what he thought of her and he straight up said she is "foul" and he wishes she'd stop hitting on his girlfriend. Which made me laugh because she hits on both of us about equally. So I don't know, does anyone have an opinion on this? I'm hesitant to trust my own judgment because one of my biggest talents is forming toxic relationships, and I'm trying to be more aware of that. But I also want a new friend. :/ (SORRY for this obnoxious format/text wall, I'm on my phone but I wanted to post about this!)


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