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Girl. I Think I Might Agree With Republicans/Libertarians

Government is too big, complicated, and useless? Point.

My 9 to 5 right now is Office Manager for a small hospice. So we are applying for section 8(a) and gov’t contract that would help increase our census. Allowing for growth, to hire more people, help us get health insurance for our employees, etc. All that good stuff.


Plus we are women/black owned business with a pretty small gross income, so we qualify.

When I tell you that this application process is the process from hell.

Like the application has 50 different components. And it looks like english and sounds like english but it’s actually greek. None of the questions make sense. I totally sat and reread questions for at least 10 minutes. and every 10 lines you get great little messages that say, “If you are misrepresenting yourself in anyway, you are going to jail.”


You totally need a lawyer to fill the things out. But a layperson should absolutely be able to fill this out, without all the money it takes to get a lawyer on retainer and then pay their hourly. And between myself and my co worker who is a social worker we have spent over 20 hours filling everything out. And it’s always surprising you with little things you need.

Do you have a DUNS?

No, so now you have to fill out a ten page application to get one.

Are you registered with SAM?

No, so now you have to fill out this 40 page application.

And no we haven’t even gotten to the actual SBA (Small Business Administration) application.


Also did you know that if the net income for your business is 15,000,000.00 you still qualify as a small business. Because you do that is a thing.

And we absolutely genuinely need these resources.

Basically this application is everything that is wrong with America in a microcosm.

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