-So like many here, I'm a cord cutter but since I have my Dad's Comcast password I was able to watch it on Disney.com, the pilot may also have been on YouTube.

-I don't like speculating if an actor has had work, but I feel like Ben Savage is getting shot at very unflattering angles that emphasize his nose which is not doing him any favors.

-They need to explain why Ben Savage is allowed to be his daughter's teacher. Because seriously it's weird.

-I'm a dork so I giggled when I saw the girls went to John Quincy Adams middle school (on the original show the gang went to John Adams High School).

-The girls Riley and Maya (Riley is Cory and Topanga's daughter, Maya is her BFF/troubled friend/Sean Hunter) were pretty decent for tween actresses. I was worried since I think Disney is hoping one or both will do the whole Tween singer/actress phenom thing. Damn you Disney why you gotta ruin stuff.


-They need to tone down the nerd boy character lest he disappear like Minkus after the 1st season

-Mr. Feeny's cameo was a complete damn rip-off. Cory has just given his daughter her first Metro card of her own and he turns around and there's Mr. Feeny. He says "Well done Mr. Matthews" and is gone. Because he was a figment of Cory's imagination. What. The Hell. Are they setting up that Mr. Feeny died? BECAUSE THAT'S NOT OKAY.


-They're setting up the Maya character to have a troubled home life like Sean. I'm okay with this, if they handle it right. Sean had heavy duty stuff in his family. I don't want them to cop out with the girl storyline being no one pays attention to me so I act out.

- I'm going to give the show the benefit of the doubt. You can't judge a show on the pilot, you have to let it find it's rhythm.