Okay, after venturing into the comments thread on Kotaku, I'm in need of some positive gaming discussion so I remember what makes being a gamer awesome.

So, it's time for the semi-regular gaming that isn't crazy sexist thread! Post all your favorite non-sexist games. Bonuses for anything with co-op!

Here are some of my favorites (old and new)

Gone Home: Started playing last night, and cannot fucking stop. Seriously. Nostalgia (it's set in 1995), positive portrayal of female characters (multiples!) and so far a killer plot. I'm geeking out over this one.


Alice: Madness Returns: This is one of my go-to recommendations. A beautiful platformer with a unique take on a classic story and an empowered (if insane) female lead? YES PLEASE. As a bonus, on the PS3 it comes with the classic game. If you never played the original, you should. It was a cult classic for many reasons.

Borderlands 2: controversial, I know. Lillith shows some skin, for sure. But the addition of Maya and Gaige in Borderlands 2 really sold the game for me. Gaige is my favorite character to play as, and I love the My Little Pony theme of her special abilities. Plus, if you like Louise from Bob's Burgers you'll love Tiny Tina.


Final Fantasy XIII: Still haven't beat it. I know. I'm slow as hell with video games. I can't take my systems to school with me, so I can only play on breaks. I know a lot of people hate Lightning, but I get her. She's like if Katniss and Cloud had a child. Stoic, prickly on the outside, ready to die to protect the people she loves.

And of course, all of the games that aren't gender specific, but let me model a character anyway I want. In Skyrim I play an elderly woman named Dandelion.


And then on my Creep list of recently:

Braid. I've heard wonderful things about the gameplay, and if you guys tell me to keep going I will, based on reviews. But everything about the storyline screams "But I'm a nice guy!" to me. I'm only on Chapter 3 though, so if it's a nice guy having a revelation that he's becoming that guy...that'd be worth watching.


Source on cool picture of Gaige I used: http://www.deviantart.com/morelikethis/3…