Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

[UPDATED] - Looks like some of you who have ordered online have gotten your cookies already which is aweeeeesommmmeeeeee so order some more before time runs out, since I know you ate all of them already.

IF you have emailed me, and I have not responded, FEAR NOT! For some reason, Gmail doesn’t like the fact that I have two email addresses (I actually have 5 gmail dot com addresses but it only hates the MadPiglet one), and I have had to do all sorts of “what was your first pet’s favorite color” question-answering to get access to it. THIS HAPPENS EVERY TIME and I hate it. So if you have emailed me, you will hear from me at some point over the weekend.


In the meantime, the online store is the fastest, least-painful way to get your hands on some sweet, sweet, sweet, GS Cookie goodness. The link is below!

ALSO - for you sprouted-lentil hippie types, did you know that the Thin Mints are 100% vegan?


ALSO ALSO - for you gluten-free types - the Toffeetastic flavor is GLUTEN-FREE! I’m not sure if you can order them via the link (which is below), but if you’re that kind of person and you require these (they are actually quite delicious), then send me an email (to which I will reply, honest!) and we’ll get you all hooked up.




(Love you people! I do! Lots! You’re all so smart and good-looking!)


Ohhhh yeah. It’s that time again! WeePiglet is selling cookies and has asked me to “ask the internet” again.


Same deal as usual - either hit me up here or the Twitter (@MadPiglet) or my GT email that I never check (oops, I will be better at that: mad.piglet.42 at gmail). I promise to check email daily.

ORRRRRRRR here’s the link to buy online! I believe you get cookies even faster this way and don’t have to wait until the end of March when they are delivered to me and then wait some more while I dick around with getting them sorted and packed and shipped.


They are, as ever, $4/box. I know that’s some kind of bullshit because the troop only sees about 75 cents of that $4. IT SUCKS. But the more they sell, the more money they get and they have Big Plans for it this year!

For instance: the girls are planning to do a recycling project. We live next to a river and so they have decided that it’s going to be up to them to raise awareness about littering and recycling and keeping our river clean. Haven’t quite fleshed out what that’s going to look like, but we are working on it.


Our other goal is to visit the White House. We currently meet in our municipal building’s basement, so we’re literally close to our town government. Over the next year-and-a-half, we are going to be exploring our government from the town level, to the county, to the state, to the country. We are aiming for a trip to Washington DC and every bit of cash we raise is less that I have to shake the parents down for.

ETA: I am currently looking into shipping cookies to non-USA addresses. Hope to have some info in the next couple of days.


ALSO: I forget the other thing I wanted to add, but I will say this: YOU PEOPLE ARE THE BEST PEOPLE!! I LOVE YOU ALL INAPPROPRIATELY!

You know you want some!

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