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Girl, unable to prove she's Latina enough, is stripped of crown

Oh HEEELLLLLLL to the no-they-did-not: Jakiyah McCoy, the seven year old winner of the Little Miss Hispanic Delaware competition, was disqualified and stripped of her crown after her parents failed to provide documentation of her Latina heritage.

A paper covering the event, El Tiempo Hispano, cited that many in the audience felt "she was not the best representative of a Latin beauty." I guess the judges agreed, because after she won they asked her for her papers.


I'm going to let that sink in for a minute.

Jakiyah's grandmother, now deceased, is Dominican- but because she a) came to the States illegally and b) is not alive to vouch for herself there's no formal documentation. No documentation, no crown.

Now Nuestras Raices Delaware, the organization that put out the pageant, says they ask all winners to provide documentation of at least 1/4 latin@ heritage post-coronation, but I think that's a load of hogwash. Why would you only ask for confirmation after a win anyway?

My grandfather was an undocumented immigrant from Mexico, I certainly don't look like the stereotypical latina, and I feel like shit about it sometimes. I'd be in Jakiyah's shoes if I'd been in that contest as a kid, and it breaks my heart to see such colorism thrown her way.


Anyway, Huffpost has written it better than I have. If you feel so inclined, sign the petition to re-crown Jakiyah here.

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