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Girls Girls Girls - An Outline

I have mentioned I perform with a couple different groups - one of the most turbulent but fascinating ones is the local burlesque troupe in town that is a mix of amateurs and semi-professional performers. I really love this group because we fully embrace all body types, genders, orientations, races etc and the group is very sex positive and we make sure our space is safe for all participants.

This season we are trying a one word theme, “Darkness” because the show is in early fall and it would be fun to do a Halloween adjacent show without being explicitly about Halloween. It has generated a lot of amazing ideas already and I want to talk about three ideas I have been working on - two of which will be hopefully in this show. The last, sadly I am postponing because its going to be really intense but I want to devote more time than I currently have on it. Let’s start with the big group number I am collaborating on for this show!

Girls Girls Girls aka G3

The Song: Girls Girls Girls by Emile Autumn

This piece will be lyrical with minor choreography and have a lot of people involved at the moment we are gunning for 13 (lucky) participants! There are three general roles.


The Roles:

  • The Ringleader - played by our wonderful boylesque and drag queen
  • The Girls - three teams of three ladies (and some gents in drag) that can dance and make outrageous faces
  • The Scientists - three ladies (who are fabulous at acting and camp)
How we envision the Ringleader but all red and black

The Costuming:

  • Ringleader - all red and black, he will have a red corset, black tail coat or vest and button down, black red sparkly boy shorts, fish nets and heels with a whistle and riding crop
  • Girls - all white and pastels with lots of lace trim. White bra, undies, stockings and underbust corset with any accessories they would like (ruffs, hats, jewelry). We are going to make these and then roll around in the dirt to get them appropriately disheveled. The three teams will each have a signature color - pink, green and blue
  • The Scientists - black under garments - bra/panties and fishnets and white lab coats, large glasses, pockets full of glitter pills
Emilie Autumn who we will be using as our inspiration for the Girls’ costumes and the provider of the song we are using.

The Story:

We are going to try to tell the same story as the song but without the lipsyncing (because its often too loud for us to hear everything or for our audience to hear everything). The number goes as follows:


The curtain opens, groups of ladies are stage left, stage right, and center stage with the ringleader down stage center. He will gesture to the audience while releasing the girls from their straight jackets (actually just men’s button downs worn backwards). Once a leader is released from each group the girls with help each out of their jackets and take up awkward angular posing but not look at the audience.

When the chorus starts there is repeating choreography and roll-offs. Groups will pose and hold. My favorite moment right now is the line “They’re hot, They’re not, They’re suicidal” where the group as a whole will first gesture sexily to their body, the lewdly and then mime slit throats. There are some other miming moments in the choreography like asking for money and how limited the time is to take us up on this offer.


Each time he is describing the girls there will be vignettes while the other groups hold a pose. There will be moments when he fights with them because they are supposedly hysterical. E.g. “They won’t bite/Well they might/This one sure looks hungry tonight” Where will have one of them latch on to his arm or leg and start chewing dramatically.

The scientists will all come in when he calls for questions which will lead to some examinations of specific Girls and some lewd moments.


The last chorus will be a very slow can-can line and slow build conga line that will lead to disorganized (highly organized) chaos chasing our Ringleader back to Center Stage where we then haul him off as he has lost control of his little asylum.

This has so many moving parts and I have done large group projects in the past but it is still a bit daunting. I am excited to make this hopefully the opening number!

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