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Girls on Film: Mockingjay Review

This review addresses one of the things that makes me (and probably a lot of us) sort of uncomfortable, which is the disconnect between the excitement over the franchise and the content of it. There's a Hunger Games clothing line, make up line, and in what I personally think was the most awful product tie-in, Subway did a Hunger Games: Catching Fire sandwich. Thailand has banned the movie, and the three finger salute, and China cancelled the premiere, because of its political implications, while here in the US the response has been predictably capitalistic (or Capitol-istic, if you like.) Which can be an interesting way to engage with the series, if it leads to any kind of introspection about why we're so entertained by books/films that are about the evils of viewing violence and death as entertainment. But so many of the critics of the first Mockingjay installment seem to be bemoaning a lack of action, which I find surprising and troubling, based both on the content of the film, and the overall "message" (for lack of a better word) of the series, and Mockingjay in particular. For my money, this story has always been about the human consequences of violence and war, and critics writing about the film as if it is just a stepping stone between Catching Fire and Mockingjay Part 2 are missing that.


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