'Girls' recap: on the couch with Hannah.

Once again Hannah finds herself communicating with her New York friends by Skype on a Macbook. Sometimes I find these little tidbits of modern culture in media honest but at the same time terrifying for removing the barriers to pervasive communication that used to drive a lot of conflict. Now we can be present and dishonest. Or present and painfully honest.

Jessa, Hannah's interlocutor, requests an Amish bonnet. Hannah corrects her that the indigenous white peoples of Iowa are Mennonites, an important distinction. (For more insight into Mennonites view Silent Light by Carlos Reygadas, one of Mexico's top-three film directors.) There is latent hostility between Elijah and Jessa. Hannah's mesh of friends, like all great friend-meshes, are connected through Hannah like a soft construction of toothpicks and gumdrops. Jessa leaves and then returns to the Skype call in her underwear which she then removes so Hannah can look at her intensely-tanned butt.

Ray consoles his former lover Marnie over her relationship with Desi the Singer, great at children's birthday parties and jazz brunches. Ray says that Marnie is special, like orchid bloom, not some common daisy to have its petals plucked by a man as unappreciative as Desi. Marnie is aroused by this high praise and initiates relations with Ray, and because negotiations with Desi over their relationship status have not been finalized, it's not cheating, nor is she a mistress for having sex with another woman's boyfriend.


Shoshanna has a very successful interview for a creative position at a woman's apparel firm, after which she is painfully honest with the interviewer, telling her it was just practice for future, more interesting interviews. Metaphor of the relationship with Ray.

Desi and Marnie have a meeting with low-level record label executives about their act, but any deal would have to be crafted by the executive 'Marcos'. Let's be honest Marcos is going to shit on them. There's this awkward moment where they have to put up a farce about not being a couple even though Desi has been playing with Marnie's hair the whole time. Let me be honest that some of my favorite musical duos are ambiguously-coupled boy-girl pairings like Slow Club and The Kills. I see a future for Desi and Marnie as long as they get a cool name like 'Pumpkin and the Spices' or 'Whole Milk'. After the meeting they sit down at an outdoor café to continue arbitration on a Formal Agreement of Sexual Exclusivity and Reciprocity.


Jessa had told Hannah Adam hardly mentions her at all, while she is spending a lot of time getting friendly with Adam at their A.A. meetings. She feels so comfortable around him she can even pee in front of him on the streets of New York! Also they go to jail together because of her public urination and Ray bails them out and then Jessa has this heartfelt moment where she's like 'I need you, Adam!' and Adam's like 'But you're so toxic to me.' with the subtext of course that Adam would like to be around Jessa. Remember when Adam playfully peed on Hannah in the shower? Finally, a woman for Adam with no qualms about piss.


Hannah goes to a poet majors' party with Elijah, who is intensely popular, where she proceeds to skewer all of her classmates with that brutal, misinformed honesty which wins nobody friends, success, respect or admiration, all with the intent of showing that although her writing is not so good, at least she doesn't resort to cheap tricks like falsely appropriating the background of a street-tough black man or prisoners in the American South.

She is expelled from the party by the burning stares of her peers and after finding her bike stolen again (the thief having gone through her chain, padlock and cable), she takes a ride home on a horse-drawn carriage driven by a Mennonite. The lesson from this scene is that while everyone is amused by pointed critiques of white men, minorities and women are not so eager to have Lena Dunham spit the truth back at them.