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Welcome To The Bitchery

Registration for GISHWHES closed on Sunday night, and at that point, my team had filled 12 out of 15 spots. This meant that we would be paired up with some other people who didn't have a full team.

I've been waiting excitedly to find out who our new team members are. The process ended this evening, and we've been paired up with 3 people in the UK. Our team name was the "Unearthly Children" and I guess theirs was "LovesTheContenders" because according to the website we are now called team "UnearthlyChildrenLovestheContenders", which strikes me as a tad unwieldy. Something to discuss once we get in contact.


Since I'm kinda sorta the team leader of the 12, when the teams were formed I emailed the three people, and I am now waiting to hear from them. Of course the with a 5 hour time difference, it was midnight their time when I sent the email out, so I probably won't hear anything until morning.

Since I'm all hyper and excited I went ahead tried to find them on Facebook and I think I succeeded. They seem to have really lax privacy settings. Good thing I'm just an harmless, excited GISHWHES teammate and not a stalker. :D

Funnily enough, one of them lives in a town that Mr. Ivriniel and I passed through on our trip to the UK a couple of years ago.


So anyways, the GISHWHES list will be released on Saturday around 2 PM EST. I can't wait!

ETA: It has been rightly pointed out to me that I should add a bit of context to this post.

GISHWHES is the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen. It's an annual online event hosted by actor Misha Collins that benefits The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation.

Basically, we will be given a week to complete as many items on a scavenger hunt list as possible. We will be asked to do or create things, and then document them with pictures of video, and submit them to the website for judging. This year, the winning team gets to spend a weekend in Croatia with Misha.

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