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ETA: bumping this for the daytime crowd - YOU GUISE HAVE GIVEN ME SO MUCH TO WATCH! This terrible and awful burden must be shared.

Ok, so one way I knew that the entertainment industry was probably not for me, is that I stopped watching narratives (exceptions always made for extraordinary writing) and began gobbling documentaries.


Inspired by I am Marsupial's post, I'm really curious to find out your favorite documentaries and why. I have four that I am completely in love with, all for completely different reasons, and by the power invested in me by way of the authority I just made up for myself, WATCH ALL THESE*:

Thunder Soul - The story of the Kashmere High School Stage Band

I don't even know where to begin with this one. Basically, this docu makes you believe in the power of one great teacher, music, and community. The film follows two storylines: the history of the band and its leader, Conrad Johnson, and a modern day story of former students celebrating the same teacher and play a tribute concert for him. The music is INCREDIBLE. After the Captain and I saw this the first time, we downloaded all of their albums off iTunes.

Murderball - Personal stories from the 2004 Paralympic Quadriplegic Rugby Team

It's hard to categorize this one - it's both a really exciting sports documentary (seriously, the action camera work on the games themselves are fucking rad), and it's also...to be honest, it was the first movie I saw about PWD and it finally clicked in for me that no one is their circumstance. So, for obvious reasons, I love it for what I learned. Also, these guys are FRACKING HAWT.

Dear Zachary - A man makes a documentary for the son of his friend that was murdered

If you've seen this docu, please do not discuss the twists and turns of this story in the comments. The movie is lyrically haunting, disturbingly beautiful, and aspects of this story NEED to be as shocking as they are to understand the depth of love that friends have for each other, for family, for children, and the devastation when any of it was taken away.

Girl 27 - One of the most important documentaries about rape you can see, ever. Hands down. If you watch nothing else, WATCH THIS.


I'm just going to take the synopsis from Rotten Tomatoes, because it's better than anything I could write about it:

In 1937, Patricia Douglas was a 20-year-old living in Hollywood with her mother, a dressmaker. Patricia was a talented dancer who had landed bit parts in several movies when she was hired for what she was told would be a day's work at the Hal Roach Studios in a project for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. However, the truth was Patricia was one of 120 young woman hired as hostesses for a wild party being thrown by MGM for 282 regional sales men from distribution branches around the country. The eveningturned into a drunken free-for-all, and Patricia was raped by a salesman from Chicago. MGM was determined to keep the incident quiet, but Patricia was equally determined to bring her attacker to justice and see that the most powerful studio in Hollywood was held accountable.


I have a personal vested interest in this documentary, as I have been through some disgustingly similar situations during my time working in entertainment. Maybe someday I'll write about it, but for now, this docu, and the outrage you'll feel watching it, says it all better than I can.

Didn't realize how late it got while I put this together. If people are interested in the topic, I'll bump again in the AM for more replies.


* All available on Netflix

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