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Give me all the IUD stories!

So, I have an appointment in a week to talk to an OB/GYN about getting an IUD. I'm leaning towards Mirena. Anyone have any experiences to share? Good/bad/other?

MitsuBT will be taking me to and from the appointment in case I can't drive.

My biggest concern is how it will affect my periods. Right now I take the pill, and I only have 3-4 periods a year. From what my friends told me, your period stops altogether with Mirena, but apparently that's only in 20% of cases according to the Mirena website and WebMD. I guess my friends are all just special.


For those of you that had/have them:

How quickly were you able to go back to normal after the insertion? How long did you wait to have sex? I've never had a kid (and never plan to), so I'm especially interested in hearing from similar childless ladies, as I'm scared about the risk of "expulsion" and stuff since it's higher in those who have never given birth. Can you really feel the strings? How often do you check them? Any weird side effects?


I'll take any information/anecdata y'all have. I will pay you in gifs and/or thank yous. :)

Edit: Thank you everyone for your replies! Sorry no gifs because I am at work, but I will post something later! Thanks again!!

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