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Give me permission do this? Work-related advise

So, I hate my coworkers. A lot. My company has downsized to 5 employees and the boss. I never liked the boss, but at this point I can't stand any of my coworkers. I'm actually forbidden to speak to one of them because I tried to help explain something to her and I made her cry. I asked another coworker the other day not to raise his voice to me and he actually said "No." It is just a fucking toxic environment.

So, my dilemma is that we are supposed to all go to a baseball game together next week as a "team building event." I don't want to go. I am not a huge baseball fan, and I'm pretty sure that the boss will insist this be a "dry" event because he worries about liability. Can I skip this event? Call out sick that day? Be an outright bitch and admit I don't want to go and stay in the office when they all go? Put on my big girl panties and go anyway? What do you think, Hivemind?


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