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I’ve been working a lot of extra shifts to save a bunch of money for the upcoming Gigantic Life Changes. But this always happens when I do this - I get so tired and then I stare at the pile of money and say, I worked so hard I want to buy myself something nice! Which is counterproductive, but I wouldn’t be spending ALL of it, just SOOOOOOME of it.

And my job is just stressful in general by its very nature and I’m tired and I want to stress eat. I want Donettes for breakfast tomorrow. I shouldn’t do this. I know I shouldn’t do this. I have to eat better because I can’t exercise as much anymore. But I have to work a 14 hour graveyard tomorrow night and I’m so drained already I just want Donettes.

And I want the responsible me to STFU. We have a ton of savings and I’m in good shape, so I want books and Donettes dammit!

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