I am trying REALLY hard to save money on groceries, which is challenging, because I eat pretty close to a paleo diet. No wheat, and very few grains/starchy foods (no rice), means I can't fill up on cheap eats. I really need to eat some meat, otherwise I get shaky, but I'm trying to cut back. I can, however, eat the carbs in beans. I made some refried beans last night with pinto beans and they were freaking awesome. So now I'd really like to add some more bean recipes into my repertoire. I generally prefer cooking from dried, and I can't do super spicy, but I like lots of flavor.

Thanks GT!

ETA: OMG so many good recipes! I'm glad to see so many people are pro-pork, because I totally am. Also, I have stopped soaking my beans. I read several pieces that basically say that the only benefit soaking gives is a slightly shorter cooking time. It doesn't reduce the amount of gas, and it also leaches a lot of the flavor. And you can add salt at the start - it doesn't make the skins tough or affect the cooking time Since I stopped soaking beans, I've found I actually can digest them better and the flavor is much more intense. Much...earthier and satisfying. Here's an article from the LA Times if anyone's interested.