Note: I am soooo grateful for all the support I’ve received here in the shitty past few days, but I would like this to be a condolence-free post right now. I totally have a depressing post up for that. I just want to share my Dad Jokes and laugh at yours.

(With the understanding that Dad Jokes can come from any beloved parental figure, of course. It is more of a genre than literally a joke your male parent said.)

I have been thinking about Dad Jokes since I lost my dad. My dad always had a messed-up sense of humor.


(We are going grocery shopping, I am ten years old.)

Little Girl Giving Away Kittens: “Sir, would you like a kitten?”

Dad: “No thanks, I just had some tacos.”

Girl: (Looks horrified.)

Me, rolling my eyes: “He is joking, he doesn’t eat kittens.”

Update: Photos removed because privacy and stuff.

Give me your Dad Jokes, and we’ll pretend not to think they’re funny (but we totally think they are.)