So I have wanted to buy a fitness tracker for about a year now, because I'm one of those lazy people that will look for every excuse in the world not to exercise, mostly because I'm really embarrassed at my lack of coordination, skill level, and zip fitness ability.

I need something that operates as a reminder and sets of my "competition button." I do very, very well with trackers, reminders, and making sure things are completed (I have an obsession with check boxes and color coding, for example). I also really want something that's going to track my sleep, because I do want to sleep better, and without medication (one of these days - hoping therapy will also help with this).

Anyway, after much research, hemming, and hawing, I think I want to go with the Fitbit Flex. Anyone have any experience with Fitbit products? Useful? Waste of money? Another tracker you like more?

Now enjoy a picture of Bradbury doing the baby seal: