Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Give me your Podcasts

I know there have been lots of these. I really could just do a search and look back. But hey, maybe people have found new ones and haven't updated week old posts!

I have about an hour long commute to work, each way. ( Yay public transit!) So that usually means one whole RadioLab, and about two Welcome to Nightvales a day.
So far these are the only two that I listen to regularly. I'll dip in and out of a Planet Money or a Snap Judgement while at home but that is usually because the boyfriend is the arbiter of podcasts.

I find that I am going through them at an alarming rate.

So, what would you recommend to someone with such limited podcast exposure?
I like most topics. I extra like history, science, comedy, music/film and social commentary. I do not like sports- although I will listen to bf's favourite hockey podcast because they make tons of Littlest Hobo references.

So please, share! Tell me all about whatever I have been missing.


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