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Give me your procreation stories.

First, a bit of history: I never wanted kids. Since I was a kid I never wanted kids. However, during conversations on the subject I always retained the right to change my mind, I've never wanted kids but I'm not saying I'll never change my mind. I can't see the future. I always hedged my bets in case I did eventually change my mind and got the inevitable "I told you so!" reaction from my mom or something.

And now I think I changed my mind. I keep thinking, "You're not getting any younger, I think you'd regret never having one, you'd be a thoroughly awesome parent..." but at the same time "You don't make enough money, you love sleep too much, what if it comes out with hooves because your genetic material is shitty..." A recent brush with pregnancy has left me almost obsessively thinking about it. I've been devouring pregnancy blogs. I've got H&M's maternity section open in another tab. I even had a pregnancy dream and I was excited in it. That has never happened before. Usually those dreams feel like nightmares, but that one felt all warm and cozy.

So, tell me your procreation stories. Did you always know you wanted kids, or were you all undecidey like me? How old were you? If you tried to get pregnant, how long did it take? Do you think your age affected your pregnancy or parenting style? Were you scared? Do you wish you could have done any part of it differently? Does your kid have hooves? If so do you have a farrier?


Also, feel free to tell me to mind my own damn business.

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