Hey impressive minds of groupthink! I was wondering if we could all wade through the detritus of our squalor for a moment to share new music.
I'm normally so good at keeping on top of new things, new shows, new side projects and the new it instrument.

(The Theremin did not take off as I expected it to.)

But lately I have hit a wall of complacency. The newest thing in my grooveshark mix is Bob Dylan's christmas album, which is still sneaking in songs in January. Get more sentient, grooveshark! So what have you been listening to lately that is either new, or new to you?
All genres appreciated! Bonus points if it features a banjo.

In the Fall I got into Shakey Graves a lot! This is the first video I saw of him. If you like Aiden Turner look alikes playing folk songs, you will probably like this.

So share, GT. Share!