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Give me your vegetables

I need some good and healthy recipes. My family eats really healthy, probably 85% of the time. And I do the majority of the cooking. I usually do a vegetable, a protein, and sometimes quinoa or cous cous, yes sometimes even LENTILS!

So, my go-to veggie recipe is roasting them. But after a loooong time eating most of our vegetables roasted my husband and I are so done with it for a while. I made mashed cauliflower* last night, after months of reservations, and it was SO GOOD! I'm thinking of making cauliflower rice next.


But I need moar recipes! That are for more than cauliflower! I'm trying to steer away from anything too creamy or cheesy or casseroley because I don't really want to negate the healthiness of the veggies. I've been doing some steamed veggies, and besides the broccoli, we are not really into it. And whenever I make curry or soup or chili, I throw a bunch of veggies in there. I just need some good standalone veggie recipes.

Help us, GT! I really love veggies! I'm just so tired of roasted veggies.

*not the actual recipe I used

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