Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Give us your best post of the week! DO IT NOW!!!

Is this you? Did you write a post this past week (or two weeks because only four people cooperated) that was awesome that you want to share with all of Groupthink? GIVE ME YOUR POSTS!!



AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! Everyone forgot last week!!

Pick a post that you are particularly proud of and send it this way!!

The very, very loose ideas of the game (weekly round-up [working title]):

  • pick whatever post of the week of yours, that you feel best about, and leave the link here or email it to the address below
  • if you wrote about a bad date, toenail fungus, poop, etc. and want to share that one, go for it- no judgement
  • ideally your post would have not made the dump for whatever day you posted it, however, if it was your only post OR it's right now while we get things started- ANY post is awesome
  • once the title is official, I will tag all of the posts the same so that they're easy to find and the weekly call for posts is easy to find, too
  • right now, Star and I have it covered to get things started, but as things get going I will let all of of y'all that volunteered to help what you can do. You guys are awesome!
  • For the love of whatever the hell you believe in, PLEASE SUBMIT A POST (before I start hunting you down, post by post)!!
  • I love you all and the vaguely threatening/seemingly too serious tone of this posts is only because I want this to be really awesome and a way for individual people to share what they feel is their best

Please link your favorite post of yours below & feel free to add commentary (not about my crazy post) about what you feel proud of, any updates, any comments that really helped, etc. A paragraph or two at the most.


Alternatively, send an email to hitmewithyourbestshotgt AT gmail DOT com. I do check it & no, I will not randomly sign you up for crap or send your email out for the world to see.

All our love,

Star & Rainbow

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