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GIVEAWAY WINNERS!!!! (Come pick your prizes!)

Napsauce gets the Owl sweater because she was crazy generous to me, but beyond that, here are our winners!

Aurora F wins the stripey pink Target dress with this stylized version of Spike!


anblick Adventure Time stuff with this pop - art version of Spike!

FreeSampleThief wins the converse plaid with this be-scarfed Spike!


LemonadeLover wins the about the artist dress with this lovely Spike and Spike fanfic:

"Spike yawned and stretched as he woke. He sniffed the air for new smells, and then began to survey his surroundings. Yep, there's Mom, making clicky sounds on the glowy thing like usual. There's the couch. There's the chair. No changes here. WAIT! What is that thing on the box! That glowing, luminous image? Mom pauses the screen and steps away as something beeps in the far-off kitchen, and it is revealed. That image! That beautiful, glorious image! It is a creature like Mom, but not like Mom — like Spike, but not like Spike! It looks human, but those are quills on his head! Spike has never seen anything like this before.


Spike is in love.

Mom returns and unpauses the screen, and suddenly a name calls from the box... "Spike!!" The image turns, reacts to the call. It cannot be! They share a name? This must be destiny. Spike must have the picture-person for his own! But after a few minutes of snuffling and pacing, nothing has changed. The Other Spike is still far away, trapped in a glowing box, and Spike is still here, on the floor.


Suddenly, Mom seems to notice Spike's agitation. "Hey baby, come up here and watch Buffy with me." She picks Spike up and sets him on the table, right next to the glowing box. Spike snuffles closer, brushing against the screen, trying to reach his great love, but alas, it is all in vain. There is a wall between them that can never be breached. Spike sets a tiny paw on the screen, touching his beloved's face, and lets out a mournful squeak.


Spike and Spike, forever."

wholovesthesun wins something with this awesome tale of greatness:

"Two hedgehogs sat together, huddled for warmth near the edge of a rocky bluff overlooking a vast ocean. Great waves beat against the cliff and created a salty spray was met midway with a faint drizzle of rain. One of the hedgehogs let out a whimper, and the other picked up her tiny paw in his and held it gently. "Be strong," he whispered and with his words in her ear she gave a great push. A huge wave hit, a clap of thunder sounded, a hedgehog roared, and unto this world Spike was born. The new father lifted an infant Spike into the air and bellowed "ALL HAIL SPIKE, RULER OF THE HEDGEHOGS, MASTER OF ALL THINGS SMALL AND CUDDLY, CHAMPION OF SNUGGLES. HE WILL BE KING!"


And across the land, millions of hedgehogs pointed their noses skyward and whispered "He will be king"."

RuthSlayderGinsberg wins something with this awesome Nascar Spike story

"Spike the hedgehog pulled the helmet firmly over his head and wiggled his snoot with determination. He'd been training for this moment for years, and it was finally time to show that he had what it took. What it took to be the world's first hedgehog NASCAR driver.


As his engine revved, he thought, "This isn't just for me -this is for my people. After today, no one will ever tell a little hog they can't be a professional race car driver, or professional film and television actor, or a living pincushion. I do this for them."

Up ahead, the flag waved, and it was time. Time for...HEDGEHOGS OF THUNDER."

PlentyOfPaper wins the Forever 21 skirt with this adorable story about my incessant picture taking:

"Spike the Hedgehog snuffled awake from his mid-afternoon nap. His snoot wiggled in the humid Florida air. He heard his mom's voice and stretched a little. Would mom put him into his little ball again? He'd better prepare for some good exploring, if she was!


Wait. There was that dreaded thing again! Oh no! She wanted to TAKE HIS PICTURE!

"Moooom!" he tried to say, wiggling his little snoot extra hard to convey his grump, "I don't want my picture taken! MOM STAHHHP."


She lifted him out of his little home and put him in her lap. He tried to hide under her blanket, but the thing followed him. It followed him! Indignity of indignities! He was going to complain to the Hedgies' Association! He would, just see if he didn't!

He tried to squirm away when she picked him up and turned him over in her hand - protect the belleh at all cost! (She wouldn't hurt him, and he knew that, but it tickled and tickling made him grumpy). Finally, she put the thing down and it retreated back into its shell. He snuffed at it as mom kissed his snoot.


He'd won this time. And now she was cuddling him. So...mayyybe it wasn't all bad.

This better not go on that glowy box, mom, he thought. You'll embarrass me!"

Let's have a round of applause for all these awesome peeps!


There is no order to the winners because I am bad at choosing and all the entries were so awesome, so prizes are first come first serve! If what you want isn't left or you wanted clothes and only Adventure Time thingys are left, let me know because I have a toooon of clothes I'm getting rid of! Go winners!

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