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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Giving away ALL the VHS....OT Euroland morning edition

I was walking to the supermarket yesterday (because my roommate had taken my bike which is a funny story full of misunderstandings and I wasn’t even angry for longer than five minutes) and people had put out a lot of boxes with free stuff. It’s a regular thing, 99% is crap, but you have those little gems that make it worthwhile sifting through dust and spiders.
Soo...a lot of boxes with stuff and all of them had at least one if not more VHS cassetts. Do they only exist in packs? Sadly none of them were interesting, because...I’m still totally owning a VHS recorder, plus the SEEs of both The Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers on VHS.
I’ve been living here for over a year, no one ever has given away any VHS, so maybe it’s a mind trick or whatever, but it was fun.
Since my plans for Silvester so far only involve sparkling wine infused with elderflower, hugging the cat and going to bed before midnight...maybe I‘ll just hook up the recorder once more and watch the only two good movies taking place in Middle Earth.


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