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Ahhhh! I'm not gone you guise! And I haven't forgotten about the Glam WoC posts. Life just caught up with me. In a good way! I got a sweet, new gig. Its pretty easy and I make decent money. One major pitfall is that its daytime hours, which has been a big adjustment for this night owl. I've been trying to keep up with GT at work and when I get home but I've eased off of commenting...for no reason really. I just honestly didn't think anyone would notice. I do promise that I've been stalking all of my lurve nuggets and secret crushes on here though. After I tie up some loose ends in life and fulfill obligations I promise to try and be more visible. Because I do miss interacting with y'all.

Now on to the Glamfest. I wanted to do a special ballet edition but its hard to a) find a buncha WoC ballerinas and b) even harder to find ballerinas with different body types. So I used that as an excuse to procrastinate. Anyway, I'm writing this 02/12 right before a(nother) big storm crashes down upon me. I'll find some pictures before I go to bed and hopefully if the power stays on then I can finish it the next day and publish it later on.

Janet Mock

Lisa Bonet

Erykah Badu

Lupita Nyong'o

Jill Scott

Stephanie Shiu

I know I used Stephanie Shiu before but she's gorgeous and I love this pic. Well that explains why I didn't delete it but I remembered I used her before too late.


Samantha Harris

Rosie Mercado

Nina Simone

Maria Tallchief

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Naomi Shimada

Devon Aoki

Maima Akef

Nancy Kwan

Tura Satana

Arwa Gouda

I realize I might have repeated some faces, hopefully not the same pictures. As always share all your faves in the comments and maybe I'll throw them in the next post.

Happy Snow Day!!!

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