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Glass as something that takes over your life

I see things and say “that would make a nice object” not keeping mind how difficult it might be. A friend asked for a spider - all I had was one of those silver belt buckle spiders and I had not come up with the vacuum box for vacu-forming and it turned into a mutant. But I was taking a cold-working class at the local non-profit arts center and had access to a lot of tools so I took a lump of glass that had a solid glass body but, since thee knees stick up above the body, I was able to carve out the rest of the legs and body and she got a clear glass spider (I even forgot to take a pic of it).

She was a barista at my old coffee shop and we were going to get together and do a face mask for her.. We tried once but I did not explain just how personal it gets when you want to cast a person’s face and she freaked (there was more involved - she was a lesbian and was not used to a man smoothing her face and all that). She had a perfect face - it would have fit into my 8X8 kiln + she was micronesian and had interesting facial structures. I talked to the manger who hired her about making contact if she was okay with it.


So I am still interested in casting someone’s face in glass who is not me. I am working on a plan for that.

My other project is/are some parasites - flea, ticks, and lice; they are a nice small size - one could use them as a barrette, a broach or something to wear from their neck - I suppose it would take a special person


Anyway, these are not ice cubes so I have to take a positive, turn it into a negative so that I can turn it into a positive so that I can turn it into a castable negative that the final glass piece comes out a positive.

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These are the parasites - probably should have clipped blank half but it is late. I will show you the steps to get these bugs into the kiln - but definitely not tonight, I am barely keeping my eyes open, see yáll later

Grumpy (I almost put my name there) - someone mentioned that would be interest something I made; at some point I will publish an old yahoo dot com address (at least I never had an AOL or hotmail addy, eh)


g’night all

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