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Glossybox - March 2014

OH HEY. I'm back. With a review. Thursday I'm gonna focus on some new lipsticks that I've just been LOVING recently, by Rimmel, so stay tuned.

As always, originally published on Fifty Shades of Coral!

Mes petites choux!

It's Glossybox time! Honestly, I'm probably never going to get the review for a month's Glossybox out actually during that month. Between how late I usually get the box and this annoying time-suck they call 'having a job', it's just not realistic. However, I'm going to continue stubbornly reviewing them until y'all come after me with a pitchfork! Ok, please don't actually do that.


On to my Thoughts and Opinions!

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So on first glance, I know it looks a little sparse. Some could argue that it is. But it actually has some really interesting items in it, so I am not disappointed.

Alex and Ani Scent 7 Soap Bar ($14 full size) - This was one of three Alex and Ani scented products you could have received this month (there was also a body spray and a hand lotion), and it's going directly onto the pile of Soaps To Be Used In The Future. I've literally got a pile. I won't have to buy soap for at least a year, but probably longer. Some of it is normal soap. Some, like this, is soap that will smell up the entirety of my 500 square foot studio every time I use it. Don't get me wrong, the scent is really nice. It's just... STRONG. I grew up with a mother who can't stand strongly scented things, - to the point that she forbade me from having scented soap, and if I did (even lavender) it had to be kept in a secure zip-lock baggie - and so while I love them I always hesitate before actually using something like that on the regular. Someday, Mom, I'll be over that, and then everything will be scented! Alex and Ani also kindly sent along bracelets! This was what I was most excited about - I have a couple already and just love them - but mine arrived super damaged. Like, I couldn't for the life of me tell you the amount of physics that would be required to break it in that way in a box inside another box. I suspect it started out that way. Regardless, Glossybox is going to be sending me a replacement, so hooray for that! The bracelet was a bonus item, and the retail value is $28.


Alterna Haircare BAMBOO Volume Plumping Strand Expand ($22 full size) - Even though my actual hair strands are pretty thin, I have a lot of them, giving the impression that I have super thick hair. Which, I guess, technically I do. But still, 'volume' is still fairly elusive, and usually ends in me looking less "bombshell" and more "poofy mess". Anything that might help with this predicament is welcome, and I'm looking forward to trying this lotion. If nothing else, it'll smell nice for a while and I'll fool myself into thinking it's working. That's always fun, yeah?

Etre Belle Cosmetics Liplift Peel ($17.80 full size) - I...I'll be honest with you, cabbages.This product kind of terrifies me. It also completely baffles me. Do I put it around my lips? on them? What do I DO with it? It says "massage a small amount on the lip area" but I still have NO idea what they mean by lip area! I've done some research, and can't find anything of use. So I guess, when I try this, if I do it wrong, I'll post pictures of the aftermath. Unless it's super gruesome. I've got visions swirling in my head of having all the skin around my lips peel off - which is probably a huge reason why the product scares me so much. My overactive imagination is not always a good thing, people!


Nails, Inc. Brook Street Nail Polish ($9.50 full size) -Mini nail polish! I love it! It probably helps that I think the color is adorable. I'm desperate for winter to be over, you guys, and am willing to do many many things to make that happen. If wearing awesome bright coral nail polish is one of them? LET'S GET TO IT!

Sisley Paris Black Rose Cream Mask -You may notice that I do not have the price on this here sample. That's because the sample alone would cost like $30. It's a really super expensive product, you guys, and was massively hyped up in the days before Glossybox shipped out. Of course, it also smells lovely, and gets excellent reviews, so I'm really happy to have a try, but also what happens with this kind of thing is I'll fall in love and then not be able to buy the full size version. It's lame. So I'll be saving this sample (hoarding it, really) until some as yet undetermined special occasion, at which point I'll use it delicately and with reverence. Maybe by then I'll have won the lottery and can buy all of the Sisley products! A girl can dream, eh?


So this month may not have been as 'wow' worthy as other months, but it definitely fit the 'luxury brand deluxe samples' aesthetic that Glossybox goes for. I'd say that if you used all these products at once, it'd make for a pretty epic at-home spa night. Just add some bubble bath and you'd be good to go! What did you guys think? Are any of you as baffled by this liplift peel as I am? Tell me your thoughts and secrets! If you'd like to subscribe to Glossybox, feel free to email me at the address listed HERE {jess.50shadesofcoral@gmail.com}, and I'll send you a referral link! Unfortunately, their program is not as easy as Birchbox or Ipsy, but I still love them.

Bisoux, mes amis!

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