Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Hello all you lovelies! I'm starting to think about Christmas present shopping for my friends, and I am focusing right now on my very dear friend/roommate who legitimately cannot eat gluten. She has some gluten free baking mix but no cookbook specifically for making gluten-free recipes, and I thought of getting her one for Christmas. Food is always a great choice for a gift for her; for her birthday I bought ingredients and a bottle of wine with another friend and we made her dinner and she loved it. So my tentative plan for Christmas was a to buy a cookbook, make sure we have some of the necessary ingredients like xantham gum, and then make her one of the recipes and present her with the food and the cookbook all at once. Sound good? I mean, since we live together I probably won't be able to sneakily bake whatever it is without her seeing me do it, but whatever.

I found this cookbook after looking at the Gluten Free on Shoestring blog, but I wondered if you guys had any other suggestions. She (the blogger/author) recommends that one should always bake by volume and buy a kitchen scale. Should I really do that? Can I find a really cheap one? I'm not made of dollars, but if it would make a big difference it would be nice to add that in for my roommate.


I don't know, I think a cookbook with cookies and cakes would be better than one with breads and bagels for my friend, but I can't tell how dessert-y this book is. Help?

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