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Gluten Free Eggrolls!

I have discovered the secret to Gluten Free Eggrolls and I'm so happy!

These are egg rolls that I vacuum sealed and froze a few weeks ago. I threw them on a baking sheet and spritzed them with cooking spray and they were perfect. The outsides are a good texture. The insides were completely cooked, and the cheese started to ooze out, but not too much. Okay, these were not traditional meat egg rolls, they were ham and cheese. I wrap the ham around the cheese and then in the egg roll skin. Freezing, I've decided, is a required step.


I think they would be good fried, too. The vacuum sealing seemed to get all the air out of them, so they might not inflate in the fryer.

I have to bake them first, but I will have egg rolls for months. I have already made up more traditional filling than what is pictured, but I will be making ham and cheese as well, because that is what the kids like.

Also, I spent my Christmas money on a Food Saver Vacuum sealer. My Rival died this year after everyone stopped carrying their bags and I tried the Zip Lock brand vacuum seal bags. They suck and flooded my machine. The Food Saver is nicer than the old one and was only $50 at Costco.

Edited to add that I made 3 dozen pork and 3 dozen ham and cheese egg rolls. I have no idea if they'll last 3 months or 3 days.

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