I feel like this is sort of bullshit. I feel bad for the woman - she can't control the literal shit-storm of weather we've been having - and I feel like she was spot on with her comments about the public's expectations for the T when there's been so little real investment in the system and its infrastructure. The system is old and has major issues even without extreme weather. You can't indefinitely put off investing in and maintaining systems like that without it reaching a breaking point eventually.

I don't use the T anymore (since I moved outside of the city) but I do get how frustrated people must be, but honestly? Don't blame the MBTA or its workers, blame the politicians who haven't focused nearly enough money into the system for YEARS and completely fucked them, saddling them with debt from the Big Dig even still. Driving and parking in Boston is a nightmare, making public transit even more important and should be more of a priority. I really hope this winter's extreme weather means that the MBTA will get some much needed attention.