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GM post an how the authors are voting on the union: thoughts?

So is anyone else like super interested and intrigued by this?
(also wow, that’s like the worst headline I have ever written)


(And why can I not share it to GT like I usually do? I don’t seem to have the option for any of the MP articles, does this have to do with us not being a part of Jezebel anymore?)

I don’t know how I hope they vote (both sides have very good points, although I am generally pro-union), but I’m loving reading the comments and hearing from the staff. I absolutely love it when there’s opportunities to interact with the staff or get more of an insight into how they think and stuff. I hope no matter the outcome, not too many people are upset. And I think it’s really cool that they apparently have the kind of work environment where it’s safe to express their opinions like this. What do you guys think of it?

ETA: Also I just remembered I need to leave in fifteen minutes and I’m not dressed yet soo I’m not really going to be able to interact with anyone who responds to this for a bit. But I’ll respond when I get back! Sorry, I should time shit better. :\

ETA2: For everyone who doesn’t have a clue what I’m talking about, this is the original post on the subject:


Some of the GM staff wants to unionize, and they’re putting it to a vote next week.

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