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GFY is running a fun contest this week.

To win a copy of the book above, here is the task:

You have to be a mistress for a historical figure, living or dead, man or woman. Who is that person and why?


The answer is obviously Frida Kahlo.

Eta. Copying my reasoning from the GFY post:

An established history of bisexuality and I would bet dollars to donuts that she was great in bed.

You wouldn’t have to go back too far in history and go without plumbing, penecillin, etc.

Unbeatable fashion sense and would probably give you tips/share things.

Ran with an amazing lefty/artsy crowd in Mexico City (Diego Rivera, Tina Modotti , TROTSKY) that would be super awesome to hang with, and that probably wouldn’t ostracize you for your affair.


Plus, Mexico=great weather, great food, great art

Finally, you could give up waxing forever and feel great about it.

But leave your (wrong) alternatives below. (Or at GFY if you want to participate....)

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